Video that Don’t Suck

So, I was assigned to record a video that requires the criteria given. I did some research about the types of video and did record these footage.

The first criteria that I chose is No. 5 tips : Stop and Shoot, No moving camera around.I took a video of  a group of Korean elders trying their hard to move a vase of tree in a building. I keep focusing on them without moving an inch.


The second tips that I chose is tip No.6 : Keep the brightest light behind you. In this video, there were so many people took a picture of the fallen yellowish leaves which definitely a beautiful scenery in Korea. I make sure that the light always behind me.


For the last videos, I used the tips No. 8 : Shoot what interest you. I am really a fan of dangerous sports such as flying fox, bungee jump and many more. Even though I have a height phobia, I really enjoy to watch people did something thrilling. In this video, a Malaysian challenged himself to do a bungee jump.