KASUMA 2016 or we can call it Malaysian Association In South Korea Sport’s Day was just ended on Saturday(1.10.2016). Games like football, basketball, handball and 족구 were competed among us. Of course I participated too. I competed in football and 족구 which both got me bronze medal. To be fair we can actually won either silver or gold in football but we were robbed by the referee which only get us the 3rd place. That’s it. Sometimes life is just unfair. We just need to face it up and move on. Sad thing that we lost and I broke my glasses. Well overall it was really fun meeting and competing with the juniors and seniors. This make me realized that sports really unites people. Never dislike sports!


Penalty scorers that won us the 3rd place!


UNIKL community


1st game


Waiting + Bonding


Into the field!


Block that 3 pointer!


All the members of batch 14


Pressure that kid please!


Our secret weapon that won us gold medal in 100 meter



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